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Yoga Basic 基礎瑜伽 (B)

This class is suitable for all levels, incl those who are new to yoga or looking to review the basic

  • 180 港元
  • Studio H2O


擔心自己肌肉及關節太緊,總是不敢嘗試瑜伽? YOGA BASIC 基礎瑜伽,絶對適合及歡迎初次接觸瑜伽或久休復出的你!課堂著重基本瑜伽式子,如站立式、坐立式及旋腰等,更加入呼吸技巧和大家最愛的放鬆、減壓技巧。此課堂能讓你安全和逐步建立耐力、柔軟度及平衡感,更能改善日常姿勢劣習。 Too stiff and too shy to try yoga? Our YOGA BASIC is designed to help you learn the building blocks of yoga! A beginner friendly class, emphasizing on standing, twists and seated poses, follow by a well-earned relaxation. Progressively gaining strength, flexibility and a sense of balance as you go.



  • Causeway Bay Commercial Building, Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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