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Hips and Shoulders Opening 開膊開髖瑜伽

  • 280 港元
  • Studio H2O


返工坐咗全日,成個人都梗哂! 「開膊開髖瑜伽」全面針對髖及肩關節,先舒緩及伸展繃緊的肌肉,讓你尋回久違的柔軟度和靈活性;再以瑜伽體位逐漸強化這兩個身體主要關節。不論站立、坐臥至手平衡的體式,都以配合各練習者的程度去編排;建立持之以恆的練習可改善日常姿勢,減少身體痛症。 Being seated and desk bound all day, who doesn’t have tight hips and shoulders? With yoga asanas and movements targeting on hips and shoulder, this class aim to first release tension and improve flexibility in these area, then gradually work on strengthening them. Class includes standing, seated, and reclining poses, as well as arm balances with modifications to accommodate all levels of experience. Trust us, regular practice could improve posture, reduce discomfort, and enhance mobility in hips and shoulders area.



  • Causeway Bay Commercial Building, Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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